Because there are too many law schools and they are desperate for students

You won’t be paying off your parents’ house or your law school debt if you’re suckered in by a law school’s false promises

Do med schools have to push their degrees so hard on social media?

Damn, how’d they pay for it?

Doc review, where ya at?

You picked the right career! Best of luck with the rest of your life!

A big “X” and a booger and you’re set. They just want your money. Wake up.

Everyone else is giggling when you waste three years and $200k on a “duty” law degree

There’s no ferris wheel at the law school scam fair, but there should be a job roulette to show you the gamble you’re about to take

Where are your parents? You are a legal adult!! WTF.

Hey guys, a colloquium! That must mean it’s smart and stuff! That must mean this is a smart law school!

You have unwittingly made a choice that will financially destroy your life. Perhaps get aboard the clue train before it’s too late.

Adorable. Looks like you weren’t good enough at math to calculate that law school is a poor investment.

Going to law school in 2014 broadcasts to the world you are myopic, naive, gullible, and an easy mark

They’re just appreciative you’re a conduit for their undeservedly large paychecks! You are being duped.