You’re the one who “accepted.” They’re just happy to accept your huge student loans.

They would absolutely love it if you could finance their luxurious campus upkeep with your enormous law school loans


Anonymous asked:

I'm interested in attending law school i'm majoring in political science and i would eventually want to get involved in Politics and diplomacy is law school worth the investment?





You did not “make it.” You have not even close to made it. By going to law school, you are taking serious steps backward.


Anonymous asked:

Unfortunately, there's a going to be a new TV show about law school. It's called "How To Get Away With Murder." Tumblr won't let me post the link, but check out the trailer and let us know what you think. Looks like it may create even more lemmings...


If you base major life decisions such as wasting $200k for a law degree on television shows or movies, you are a fool and deserve everything that happens to you. #ElleWoods

In addition, that show looks like a cataclysmic steamer and will get the axe before the end of its first season, so I’m not overly concerned about new law school lemmings being generated. Now on the other hand, if a new Legally Blonde sequel were announced…

Hardly anyone who will pay you needs a lawyer. Good luck out there.

Law school deans have big dreams of you bringing your loans to their fine institution, Sam



Doc Reviewer Recipe: (1) Pour in delusional law student; (2) Mix several enormous industrial-size bags of federally-backed student loans; (3) Let sit for three years

Perhaps the most ironic hashtag yet: #logicforlife

Major strides toward running off a cliff

Person who makes horrifically poor decisions alert!

Elle Woods Won’t Go Away


Anonymous asked:

Bureau of Labor Statistics: total legal jobs 2012 = 759,800. ABA: total number of LICENSED (not JD advantage stuff here) attys 2012 = 1,268,011. BLS: projected 2012-2022 additional legal jobs = 74,800. In the next 10 years also, + easily 300k new attorneys. The unemployment rate, the over-supply rate, GETS MUCH WORSE. Do you have any insight into why lemmings prefer "hope" to data?