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Comment here. Have you noticed that many, many of the lemmings you post have completely inappropriate public Twitter accounts? Nothing but sex and drugs and swearing. I'm not sure how half these guys will make it past character and fitness much less an employer screening.


Poor judgment is a hallmark of today’s lemming. If you don’t have an angle (hard science or prestigious undergrad, mommy and daddy paying, or full scholarship), going to law school exhibits catastrophically poor judgment. The modern lemming’s decision to publicly display sex, drugs, and cursing for all to see is but one in a long line of abysmal decisions, ultimately ending with their digital signatures on a promissory loan note that will alter the course of the lemming’s heretofore libertine lifestyle. Naturally, the lemming will not be aware he or she is committing financial and career suicide until it is much, much too late and the little law school game is over.

Thanks for writing in!

And law deans are excited lemmings are still excited for law school! Be excited! Be be excited!

Maybe the Disney Story will hire you after you waste 3 years and an ungodly sum of money on law school!!

Wrong. The Price is Wrong.


Can you just pay for my bar tab for the next little while? It’s an equivalent investment in your future.


Debt and horrific job options. That’s what’s next.

Great description for the former!

Yes, if there’s anyone who has it tough, it’s those rigorous polisci students

See how you feel when you move back with your shocked parents after graduating law school!

Your ass is going to regret that you brought your ass to law school

Great life choices, bruh. Good luck getting this starting salary out of law school or any job for that matter.

Yes, lemming. For the vast majority of law grads, $50k is too much to ask for. Good luck finding this out IRL

A law school lemming can dream