Are you SERIOUSLY this dumb?! Please tell me this is irony or parody….

The fact that “Me 1” choice is impossible and going to law school will preclude settling down and raising kids makes your choice very easy

Ingenious plan!

Good luck buying a crappy car, getting married, and affording rent in the not-nice area of town with your JD!

This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening.


Bullet dodged!

Thinking about law school? Why do you think a licensed attorney would hold this position?

Does the general public finally realize law school has a horrific ROI?

Elder abuse?

Watching Power Rangers & thinking that maybe I should become a mighty morphing space ninja…


It costs a lot of money but it won’t generate much money


Anonymous asked:

I've been interested in law school for a while now and i'm not oblivious to the fact that it will probably end up being a bad idea. i just finished my second year of a six year pharmd (doctor of pharmacy) program. will graduate with no debt. I'm doing pretty well even after taking a drop in gpa due to the ever infamous organic chemistry (currently 3.55 lsac) I'm planning on taking the LSAT in october. I may or may not even apply to law school but will my science background make a difference.


Why wouldn’t you become a pharmacist?

If you go to law school, you’ll have an advantage in that you won’t have a useless undergraduate degree and you can go into patent law, which pays a bit better and has slightly less awful job opportunities than other areas of law. If you go to law school though, drop out after the first semester if you’re not in the top 20%. You need a contingency plan. If you’re in the top 20% throughout law school, you’ll have some decent options coming out of law school, but if you’re not in the top 20% , you need to drop out immediately and make a new plan.

If you go to law school ranked below 20 or so (really, the top 14), you’re going to need to be in the top 10%. If you go to a school ranked below 30 or 40, you’re going to need to be in the top 5% or higher. You get the point. The lower ranked the school, the smaller your window of opportunity for jobs.

Good luck. But go into law school with your eyes open. You need to have a contingency plan.

I think you should start with a brain implant